PAUL: From France with Love


I sat at the corner entrance of Gemmayze with my laptop and started clicking away finishing few things before my day starts. An orgasmic buttery scent quickly got me distracted. A croissant melted in my mouth with a million St.Paul church ringing in my ears with every Edith Piaff song … an express Parisian trip that starts and ends with every bite of that amazingly well baked breakfast suitable for Gods!! I wish I can meet that PAUL guy personally and French kiss him for this place. I’m addicted and totally in love!!!

PAUL  is basically a fast casual/Bakery-café,  with a menu including several varieties of bread , bagels, loaves, and muffins, cold sandwiches, hot panini, salads, soups, cakes, croissants, soups, quiches, tarts, crepes,  and eggs. They also have tea, wine, beer, mineral water, soft drinks and coffee-based drinks. What more can you ask for! (10/10 for the Food Variety)

The baker’s assistant uniform the waiters wear is very nostalgic and charming. They are always super friendly and very helpful. Although this time I had to ask for sugar two times and the check was very late to arrive. I have noted also on many occasions the waiters being loud and disturbingly chatty among each other. (7.5/10 for Service)

The clientele varies in age and is very diverse, yet it seems that PAUL has succeeded in attracting a certain level of food lovers. That gave the place a special identity and status among the other eateries. You would rarely find a loud group or the annoying crowd that would ruin your dining experience.

Although prices are not particularly cheap, they are not ridiculously over-priced. You are paying for a good meal, and that is what you receive. (9/10 for Value)


Normally I’d count till ten and think twice and thrice before I order an omelet in a restaurant. I decided to go out of my usual comfort zone and go for a water fried whites only omelet.  It’s a very tricky variation, one mistake in the kitchen and the chef will deliver a plate of rancid eggs. To my delight, I was presented with a fluffy cloud of egg goodness! Just cooked to perfection. Freshly ground pepper was added by the waiter and I indulged myself in a nice feast. The croissant was light, flaky and airy, with a tinge of crisp bite. As a die-hard bread lover, the baker’s basket is always enticing with a quartet of breads (sesame flute, plain flute, country bread and 6 cereal breads) alongside tubs of aromatic French butter and jam.(9.5/10 for the Food)

PAUL is a definite must visit. Chapeau bas pour PAUL et  bon appétit pour vous