PAUL: From France with Love


I sat at the corner entrance of Gemmayze with my laptop and started clicking away finishing few things before my day starts. An orgasmic buttery scent quickly got me distracted. A croissant melted in my mouth with a million St.Paul church ringing in my ears with every Edith Piaff song … an express Parisian trip that starts and ends with every bite of that amazingly well baked breakfast suitable for Gods!! I wish I can meet that PAUL guy personally and French kiss him for this place. I’m addicted and totally in love!!!

PAUL  is basically a fast casual/Bakery-café,  with a menu including several varieties of bread , bagels, loaves, and muffins, cold sandwiches, hot panini, salads, soups, cakes, croissants, soups, quiches, tarts, crepes,  and eggs. They also have tea, wine, beer, mineral water, soft drinks and coffee-based drinks. What more can you ask for! (10/10 for the Food Variety)

The baker’s assistant uniform the waiters wear is very nostalgic and charming. They are always super friendly and very helpful. Although this time I had to ask for sugar two times and the check was very late to arrive. I have noted also on many occasions the waiters being loud and disturbingly chatty among each other. (7.5/10 for Service)

The clientele varies in age and is very diverse, yet it seems that PAUL has succeeded in attracting a certain level of food lovers. That gave the place a special identity and status among the other eateries. You would rarely find a loud group or the annoying crowd that would ruin your dining experience.

Although prices are not particularly cheap, they are not ridiculously over-priced. You are paying for a good meal, and that is what you receive. (9/10 for Value)


Normally I’d count till ten and think twice and thrice before I order an omelet in a restaurant. I decided to go out of my usual comfort zone and go for a water fried whites only omelet.  It’s a very tricky variation, one mistake in the kitchen and the chef will deliver a plate of rancid eggs. To my delight, I was presented with a fluffy cloud of egg goodness! Just cooked to perfection. Freshly ground pepper was added by the waiter and I indulged myself in a nice feast. The croissant was light, flaky and airy, with a tinge of crisp bite. As a die-hard bread lover, the baker’s basket is always enticing with a quartet of breads (sesame flute, plain flute, country bread and 6 cereal breads) alongside tubs of aromatic French butter and jam.(9.5/10 for the Food)

PAUL is a definite must visit. Chapeau bas pour PAUL et  bon appétit pour vous


8 thoughts on “PAUL: From France with Love

  1. Not bad…I thought you are going to destroy them lol.

    You Intrigued something in me…is to get out of our comforting zone..I’m sure we will discover new things and we will be surprised at the end.

    Thank you for the lovely review.

    PS: Any kill-review 😛 lol

    • hehehehehehe, no kill-review…. just killer reviews.

      In the world of food, its always important to keep an open mind, you might never know what you discover 🙂

      Thank you for following my blog.

  2. Adore Paul, mainly cuz like u I’m a bread lover.

    I find their croissants a little bit too rich with butter, yet it beats any other croissant in town. And hey, croissants are meant to be buttery… so I guess its a personal matter of taste.

    I love how you rate everything seperately!
    Very well written and informative!

    • I’m glad you agree fellow bread lover.

      I guess your point about the buttery croissants is valid, you are not the first to say that. I find them to be very authentic. Identical to the ones you will get from any good bakery in Paris. As you said, its a matter of personal taste.

      I’m glad PAUL has other reasons for you to go their other than their croissants.

  3. Finally, a narrative review. Its an interesting read and not just a dry commercial discription written by some copywriter!

    You have a good refined taste Mr,

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