Koi Lounge & Sushi Bar: Its closing soon, not soon enough though!

Just few days ago we received a promotional invitation to test Koi Lounge & Sushi Bar. Its a marketing strategy that most newly launched or suffering businesses do to promote themselves and get the word around. Since Koi isn’t newly launched, I understood that night why it was suffering.

We were welcomed by a very friendly young lady who directed us to our table which happened to be right at the window. This would encourage the passing by patrons of that street to enter the place, after all who wants to dine in an empty sushi place? Except for our group, there was another table occupied also by the venue’s window.

The atmosphere was nice and the music playing was lovely and wasn’t too low nor too high. The drinks were good and the sushi we ordered (the invite included drinks only) was average at best. for some reason, we were sent the check before our order was even processed.

About 2 hours into the night, a friend called us from the bar adjacent and asked us to drop by to say hello, so we did. While there we took a shot and 15mins later got back to Koi.

The owner/manager was standing at the entrance looking angry and offended that we left for a while and took the shot at the neighboring bar. He refused to let us back in to join our friends and requested that we call them and tell them we are outside and we are leaving. I have never been ever ill treated and offended in my life. Isn’t he familiar with the term “bar hopping”. We didn’t even move to another bar, we took the shot with our friend and had every intention to get back and enjoy the reminder of our night at his establishment

Disregarding what is mentioned above and that incident, I can see why Koi is suffering. The manager is rude and the quality of sushi this “Sushi Bar” is serving is over priced and below average. Who would ever want to get back to a place that literally kicked you out without sparing any words.

Koi wont be around for long, I wish its owner better luck running his next business down the toilet.

Shame, really. What was supposed to be an action to promote this business resulted in 10 people bad mouthing the place.


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