Gustav: When Gods Demand Dessert

Nigella Lawson is a British celebrity cook made famous by her show on the food network. When she first aired her show in the US, critics created the term “Food Porn”. I think the guys at Gustav Innovation Sucree managed to redefine that term and acquired it as their own!

Sensational endless list of desserts that starts with simple cakes, tarts, ice cream sandwiches, special profiteroles brisée, special order cakes, Buches and never end with surprises and innovations that keep on coming.

In a small two story patisserie they launched their establishment. A daring location which is hidden, cramped, and always crowded.

Few days ago I walked in to Hamra’s best little hidden secret with a group of friends. We each dove into the many options on display and got lost in endless possibilities. I drowned in my own drool. I can’t help it, I go stupid when I’m in that place and I act like a little boy in a candy shop. Oh wait….I kind of am in a dessert wonderland!!

Followed by the very pungent vanilla and fresh baking aroma, a very polite and calm -may I add VERY patient- young man welcomed us as we entered. Although he was occupied with other customers he still made the time to greet us and ask us to look around till he is ready to serve us.  Simple down to earth unsophisticated décor, very unpretentious and real. An open kitchen which is buzzing with life.

I ordered the Pistachio Cherry cake this time, they pet name it Pitchou. Ok, that’s both sweet and cute!! Let me describe this work of culinary art. The Morello Cherries they import from Belgium and the Sicilian Pistachio combination brings a creamy wooden flavor of the pistachios nourished by a southern Italian sun, to a dark sour cherry from Belgium. The creaminess is punched through by the sourness of cherry flavor, while the Felchlin Swiss chocolate rounds the whole experience and brings it to familiar grounds. Have you ever heard the term, “Death by Chocolate”? Ok… imagine that you died and reached the land of eternal bliss and happiness, this dessert is what you will be served there!! “After-Life by Chocolate”

Pitchou is one of the many new interesting combinations that they have lined up at Gustav.

The other cake I have tried was the Pavé. This is a unique cake with very special properties. It’s a Sugar-less Flour-less cake specially designed for people suffering from diabetes, and celiac disease. Thus people looking for desserts that are gluten free and sugar free can find a rich dark Swiss chocolate cake with all the pleasure and none of the inconveniences traditional cakes can cause them.  However of course the pleasure of pure chocolate are a common ground to all sweet lovers, with all the virtues of quality chocolate can bring to our body, mind and soul.

We left Gustav with an authentic pleasurable sugar rush. The costly imported pure ingredients explain the prices which we paid with no remorse what so ever.

Gustav is a definite must visit and an experience everyone should have over and over and over again……

I rate this place as a solid TEN.

I was informed that they were moving their kitchen to a bigger space and remodeling (I’m sure I will miss the fresh baking aroma). However this will mean that they will have a bigger seating area for us to sit and enjoy their godly delights.